Friday, 27 November 2015

Labour Shadow Cabinet Minister "Things will get a whole lot worse than you ever thought they could"

Over the last few days the turmoil inside the Labour Party has been reaching a fevered zenith.

There are repeated stories of Labour MPs briefing against the leadership whilst shadow cabinet ministers are reacting with somewhat righteous anger to what can only be considered a series of astonishing own-goals, gaffes and appalling misjudgements by the present Labour leadership.

As those who follow me on twitter know I am no fan of Jeremy Corbyn and believe he should resign with immediate effect. 

I also believe that he is doing the pragmatic, democratic left incalculable damage with the resulting debacle being that the electorate will never trust anyone who says they are any variety of socialist ever again. 

The trouble with this is that even those on the centre and right of the Labour Party will be toxified by Corbyn, resulting in a possible decades long Conservative Party hegemony in the UK. 

Whilst this has all been going on I’ve privately reached out to various MPs and insiders - here are some of the responses. 

I asked one yesterday how things were in the PLP they responded that “I think it's coming to a head very quickly”. When I suggested that this might lead to some rocky times ahead they continued that, yes, it would but that “we all know we're dead anyway if he [Corbyn] stays put - so nothing to lose. It’s about saving the Labour Party now.”

Another MP, who told me at the time when Corbyn was elected during a discussion about the necessary and difficult compromises any leader has to make, said that they were “looking forward to him having to be that person, after 32 years of self-indulgence.” 

A shadow cabinet minister told me only yesterday when I asked them if Corbyn might be forced to resign that “Things will get a whole lot worse than you ever thought they could before anything changes.” 

A third Labour MP went on to say that they didn't think Corbyn would resign as “He'll just appeal above MPs' heads to the wider membership - who will blame us.”

The shadow cabinet minister also told me that the big showdown is coming this Monday (30th November) and that “they [Corbyn’s clique] are enjoying themselves” too much to step back. The shadow minister also intimated that Corbyn continually tells dissenters within the shadow cabinet that he has a mandate from Labour members with the clear implication being that he believes this means he can overrule them on any decision.  “I don't see any sign that those who backed him in September have turned against him,” the shadow minister added, saying that they also feared rule changes in the leadership election might end the PLP selection process. “So if he's challenged, we have another contest and he wins."

The exchange ended with them saying that “Obviously if the entire shadow cabinet resigned, then it would be “interesting”!"

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